You’re The Best I Never Had

What is it about photography that has made it the redheaded stepchild of the art world? What is it that makes us the round peg in the square hole? Expired Tmax 100 and the Minolta x700 with my 50 f/1.7






Happy Birthday Madre

My Mothers birthday is on March 4th. This year I followed her around with my Canon A1 and a roll of Ilford HP5. She hated it so I hope you enjoy.






First Post of 2014

I’m aware we are a few months in to 2014, but here is my first official post of the year. I cannot tell you what these photos were shot on since they were taken sometime last year. Most likely these were shot on Kodak Tri-X or Ilford HP5 and either on my Minolta x700 or my Lomo LCA. Let me know what you guys think!







On the Importance of Photos

The only photos I regret are the photos I didn’t take. Today is the anniversary of the death of my best friend Kerry. Its been one of the more difficult things I’ve had to deal with as an adult. I loved Kerry like a brother. The only thing is that I only have one picture of he and I. Out of all the time we spent together, we are only in one photo together. It also happens to be a horrible photo of me. But since it is the only one I have, I treasure it. This is why I would rather run through countless rolls of film than not at all. Not every photo may be great, but every photo can have an impact. With that being said I present to you the one and only photo I have of my best friend Kerry and I.


Rest in peace Kerry

Patience is A Virtue

I have had the privilege of being friends, and learning from, many photographers who specialize in a wide variety of styles. People like Joe Aguirre of and Steven Ichikawa of The main thing I’ve learned from being around those I consider better than me is Patience. When I first started this blog I attempted to post photos a least once a week. Every post contained at least 3 to 4 photos. This added up to quite a bit of photos. I had to shoot a lot in order to maintain that type of content. If memory serves me correctly I was going through 4 to 5 rolls of film a week. That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. It forced me to shoot a lot and I got a lot of practice. and in the last few years I feel that my skill level as gone up dramatically. The quality of photos however wasn’t as good as it should have been.
I was recently asked by a friend why I hadn’t been posting as much on my blog. I realized that it was because I had learned to be patient with my photos. I currently have 10-15 rolls of film sitting at home waiting to be developed. I went from shooting 4 to 5 rolls of film a week to at least one a week. I may not shoot as much, but I’m always shooting and I always have my camera. This has allowed me to look at photos I’ve shot with more of a clear mind and no emotional attachment. What I mean to say is that I can critique my own work much more accurately. Kent Reno once said:

“When you begin viewing the world through a camera lens, your senses sharpen as your mind and eyes are forced to focus on people and things never before noticed or thought about. I discovered that even if I didn’t always take a picture, the simple act of carrying a camera and searching for something to photograph greatly sharpened my powers of observation and allowed me to experience much more of life.”

What I guess I’m getting at here is that even though I don’t post as much as I used to, doesn’t mean I’m not shooting. I’m just letting my photos marinate a little longer in the hopes that what I share will be enjoyed a little better.

The F Line

How do you define beauty? When asked most people simply decided to describe it rather than answer the question. One thing that is for certain is everyone knows it when they see it. For me beauty is watching the sun rise over a clear spring morning and feeling the suns warmth on your face. It’s the sound of a shutter firing off on my camera as it exposes a frame on my favorite rolls of film. Here are a few shots taken with my lubitel and some Tri-X. Please enjoy and ponder how you define beauty.





Home Alone

Spending a quiet day at home with my dogs today and editing some photos. Here are a few shots done with my Lomo LCA and some ilford HP5. Here’s to you and yours and a very Merry Christmas.






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