Welcome to a New Year!

Time flys when you’re having fun! Does anyone do new years resolutions anymore? I’ve never really been into doing them but I decided to do one this year. I want to shoot way more than what I’ve been doing. and I want to put a zine together by the end of this year. Not really a new years resolution, more like a goal. Anyway, here are some photos of my friend Raquel from the last shoot I did in 2015. Shot with my Canon A-1 with a 50 f/1.4 and Kodak Tri-X. Enjoy!


Alex seems to have been a big hit for my blog. So here’s some more photos. These were made with my Canon A-1 and my 50mm f/1.4 lens. Did I mention I REALLY love slide film?

Expired Slide Film

I’m not sure what it is about slide film that captures me. I get so lost in a photo when its been made with slide film. Even more so when its expired. Here is Alex on expired Fuji T64 taken with my Canon A1 with a 50 f/1.4. Enjoy!




I got to hang out with my lovely friend Alex and we shot some polaroids. Mostly shot with fp100 pack film but we also ran a pack of impossible project 600. Here are a few of my favorites from that shoot. Enjoy!






My cousin Sandra had another baby and I had the honor of shooting some photos for her. Here are a few that I liked. Shot with Tri-X and my Canon A-1 with a 50 f/1.4. Enjoy!





 I got together with Raquel to shoot with a bunch of expired film and a broken Olympus. Here are the results, enjoy!





Expired Film Lust

A neighbor of mind was doing a yard sale a few weeks back. I went over to say hello and noticed he had an old Canon AE-1 and a roll of Fuji Super HR 200 on display. the Canon was unfortunately really beat up, but that didn’t stop me from handing over a dollar for the roll of film. It turned out to be expired by 27 years. Naturally I decided to shoot it through my broken Olympus Stylus Epic. Here are a few shots I made with my friend Raquel. Enjoy





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