Wabi Sabi

I received a roll of 120 Kodak TXP from my friend Alex Corona, who runs the site streetsofriverside This roll was extremely old and had expired in 1986. I didn’t expect much out of it, but here are the only shots worth showing out of that roll. These were shot with my Lomo Lubitel, Enjoy!

Found Photographs

A few months back I started making treks to the local flea markets. Mostly looking to find some obscure treasure of a camera. I had dreams of finding a rare Leica, or a beautiful piece of untouched glass. In reality what I usually found was broken cameras, lenses with scratched and hazed elements, or downright crap.

One of my last trips I started digging around a box of broken camera bodies that a man had out for display. As usual the cameras were crap. Most of them were broken, some worked but only long enough for me to press the shutter once. At the bottom of this box I found a small print with the face of a young man looking back at me. I picked up the photo to find several others behind it. It was clear to me that the people in the photos were family. The photos themselves were old, they were beaten, and needed some TLC, but what I saw was a handful of photos that was someone’s life. A few of them were even inspiring. They had a documentary/reportage feel. One of them in particular spoke to me. It was a photo of a sailor in uniform. I felt an urge to take the photos and try to find this man and give him, or his next of kin, these memories back. I asked the gentlemen who had them if he knew anything about the photos or who the people were and he did not. I asked him how much he wanted for them and he told me I could take them.

I’m currently working on retouching these photos but here is what my detective skills have told me about these photos so far:

1: These photos were taken sometime between the mid fifties through the late 60s

2: The family, at least at some point in the above time frame lived in the California Bay Area, possibly San Leandro

3: I believe the Navy ship in the photo to be The USS Preston (DD-795) In March 1964 Preston deployed to the WestPac operational area with the 7th Fleet. Most of her time was spent in the South China Sea with brief visits to Japan. The Preston provided gunfire support to ground troops in Vietnam until January 1966.

Here are the images I found. These are the rough scans that are not retouched:

So! Do you know these people? Have you any information on the Naval ship? Any clues that could help me get these photos back to the rightful owners? Thanks for looking!

Just A Moment

Apologies for the lack of content. Life is, as many of you know, life. So we get busy, but we endure and continue to create. Enjoy!

Welcome to a New Year!

Time flys when you’re having fun! Does anyone do new years resolutions anymore? I’ve never really been into doing them but I decided to do one this year. I want to shoot way more than what I’ve been doing. and I want to put a zine together by the end of this year. Not really a new years resolution, more like a goal. Anyway, here are some photos of my friend Raquel from the last shoot I did in 2015. Shot with my Canon A-1 with a 50 f/1.4 and Kodak Tri-X. Enjoy!


Alex seems to have been a big hit for my blog. So here’s some more photos. These were made with my Canon A-1 and my 50mm f/1.4 lens. Did I mention I REALLY love slide film?

Expired Slide Film

I’m not sure what it is about slide film that captures me. I get so lost in a photo when its been made with slide film. Even more so when its expired. Here is Alex on expired Fuji T64 taken with my Canon A1 with a 50 f/1.4. Enjoy!




I got to hang out with my lovely friend Alex and we shot some polaroids. Mostly shot with fp100 pack film but we also ran a pack of impossible project 600. Here are a few of my favorites from that shoot. Enjoy!






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