700Miles 30Hours

My friend Joe decided to move down to LA to continue his photography in a new location. I volunteered to drive him down and help him out. We left early Tuesday morning and what followed was the strangest, emotionally charged, and physically draining 30 hours I have had in quite some time. I rented a car and drove from my house in the East Bay and drove us down to Hollywood. We initially wanted to leave monday so we could stop as often as we wanted and make photos as we made our way across California, but we weren’t able to make that happen so we had to leave early Tuesday. We still occasionally stopped to make photos but not as much as we wanted. I chose these photos primarily because the whole trip was a bit surreal and I wanted the photos to reflect that. When a book or movie is made on my friend Joe, I will undoubtedly have the most interesting stories to share. Check Joes work here http://www.thoughtlesshero.com








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